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The real Nicki Minaj sex tape was found!

The Nicki Minaj sextape got leaked a while back and the news was spreading like wildfire. There was a problem with this because the person owning the tape would only sell the sex tape for $100,000. Ofcourse we were all wondering whether it was real or not, but lucky for us, the sextape was verified to be real by trustees who saw it at a private screening! Even better news, the sex tape was released just a couple of days ago.


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Nicki Minaj aka the female rapstar with the greatest booty you’ve ever seen is also known as Onika Tanya Maraj. She has taken over the rapworld with the hottest club hits that she produces with amazing creativity. She is known to take certain persona’s slash alter ego’s, comparable to what Lady Gaga does. Her alter ego’s are basically a realisation of her fantasy. ‘Nicki Minaj’ is one of her characters that she thought of after being a ‘Harajuku Barbie’. It works well as she pops out with a unique style and matches it a rap style which makes her stand out out of millions of other rappers. She was discovered by Lil Wayne after releasing a mixtape and has been with Young Money Entertainment ever since. Steadily making cash and bursting in confidence this girl had all it takes to bring out a mind blowing sex tape. If you can’t wait to check out the tape, click here now to see it for a low price of only $1! I saw it and I must say it’s one of the most spectacular vids I’ve ever seen on the internet!

The alleged Nicki Minaj sex tape…

We found one of the alleged sex tapes of Nicki Minaj. Having problems believing it? We were too and we decided to analyze the video and see if the allegations about Nicki Minaj were true. It is true that she has a sex tape floating around but this one isn’t it for sure. I must say in all curves and proportions she looks like Nicki Minaj, but it ain’t her tape we are dealing with right here. I can give you a sneak preview of what I found below.

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